The Garden Centre is a wonderland for landscapers and plant lovers alike. We offer the largest variety of shrubs, bushes, trees and flowers in the country, as well as an array of fertilizers, pesticides, tools and accessories. you'RE sure to be pleasantly surprised every time you visit.



Grown locally or imported, choose from a vast range of trees to suite your landscaping requirements.


Fruit Trees

A variety common local fruit trees are stocked, as well as the rarer varieties and international species.



We stock many local and international varieties and sizes. Great for seasonal interest, privacy hedges or to define garden beds.


Organically grown and ready for your herb garden, our range of herbs are great for the kitchen.


Ground Covers

A wide range available, perfect for concealing bare areas and protecting topsoil from erosion.



A variety of plants, easy to trim and shape. Great additions or features for your garden.

SC Garden Centre 0228-31-r50.jpg


Ever popular, our huge range of palms bring beauty and elegance to any landscape.


Pots & Garden Features

Great additions to your current garden, or the perfect centre piece to your landscaping project.


Fertilizers & Composts

All natural and carefully selected to aid growth and keep your garden looking healthy.


Garden Tools

From Gloves to sprinklers, everything you need to keep your garden in perfect shape.

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