Customer feedback form

Sandy's Creations thanks you for your patronage. So that we maintain the high standards our customers expect, we would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes of your time completing the following questionnaire.

On Arrival (Reception)
Were our staff friendly and welcoming upon arrival?
How would you rate communications regarding your booking?
Function Venue or Lodge Room
How did our venue/room meet with your expectations?
How was the general cleanliness inside the venue/room?
How was the general cleanliness outside the venue/room?
Were you pleased with the cleanliness of our toilets (if visited)?
Did our facilities/equipment meet your requirements?
Service and Food
Were our staff prompt in delivering beverages?
Was our staff prompt in delivering meals?
How would you rate the meal you were served?
Was the price of your meal satisfactory?
Our Staff
Did our staff introduce themselves?
Were our staff dressed smartly and presentable?
Function / Event DJ and Sound System (if applicable)
How would you rate our DJ's?
Was the sound and P.A. System of good quality?
Internet (if applicable)
How would you rate our internet service?
Please provide as much details as below – if you leave your name and contact details, we will enter you in our monthly raffle/prize-draw.